Alan Vidal - výuka angličtiny pro děti

Jazyk: angličtina
Location: Praha, + online (Skype, Hangouts)
Původem: Armenian
Cena výuky: 350 CZK/hodinu
od 19.09.2019
Teaching English for kids 5-12 years old online in a fun, social and interactive manner which is guaranteed to give results. general lessons which includes speaking, reading, listening and grammar, YLE exam preparation, Math, Science and History on English. Teachers with TEFL certificate and minimum 5 years experience.
O lektorovi:

love reading, writing stories, science experiments, solving  funny math problems, history projects and all kind of activities that can make process of learning English interesting and exciting

Výuka a zkušenosti:

TEFL certificate, 8 years experience. 

Telefon: +420603990603
Odpovědět na inzerát:
Zbývá ještě 2000 znaků.